Social media made up 40% of my blog's referral traffic last year. My top referrer of all has been, and continues to be, Twitter. In building an engaged 10K following, I've got my target readers at my fingertips. Here's how you can do the same:

Engage, engage, engage

Social media is all about engagement. It doesn’t work to simply schedule some tweets and hope for the best. You need to engage with relevant accounts: find them, follow them, talk to them. Don’t ignore people who respond to your posts.

Work out exactly who your audience is

So you write about parenting? Find parents. You write about fitness? Find fitness fanatics. People are generally quite open on social media, filling their bios with their interests and hobbies, and so it doesn’t often take much research to find out what a person is like. If you think they will be interested in your content, follow them. Show them you exist - and why they'd be interested in you.

Don't buy followers

No, no, no. There are multiple tools around now that enable other businesses or professionals to see how authentic your following is. It’s no good having twenty thousand followers if they’re not real people. Real followers means real engagement.

Be consistent

Social media management can be time-consuming, but it works. It won’t get you far if you’re posting once every few months. Social media is constant. It never stops! Those who are seeing high levels of web traffic are posting multiple times a day (yes, a day) and seeing the engagement in return.

Be active: use your Instagram story, engage with people on Twitter, share things on Facebook. Don't be afraid to post the same piece of content more than once - the half life of a Tweet is 45 seconds(!) so the chances of the same person seeing it twice are slim. Social media is fast-paced: you can reach different people at different times. You want as many people within your target market as possible looking at your content.

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